Residential Room Addition Electrical Work at Mike Mader Electrical Contracting

Many homeowners decide that that their house needs something extra. This might take the form of a new guest room, or even a second floor. A big addition like this is sure to increase the home’s resale value, but will require some room addition electrical work.

However, such efforts do require planning. An example of this is seen in the need of electrical work for new construction. A new room may require electrical light replacement and other kinds of work. It might also be a good time to get an electrical panel upgrade.

Electrical work for new construction is well within the capability of a certified electrician. When adding to your home, be sure to hire an electrical contractor to take a look and see what needs to be done.

Individuals in need of room addition electrical work in the Dartmouth, NS, area, should contact Mike Mader Electrical Contracting.


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