Lighting and Electrical Plug Repair at Mike Mader Electrical Contracting

Electrical problems in the house can be simply annoying, or absolutely catastrophic. Whatever the case, you’ll want someone to fix it as soon as possible, which is why you’ll hire a certified electrician. This is especially urgent if there’s a need for electrical plug repair.

This usually isn’t done for problems with specific household appliances like toasters or computers. Instead, the work will be done on the house’s actual system. An example of this might be electrical light replacement for a room that keeps going dark.

An electrician can also do other small electrical jobs around the home, like setting up attractive recessed lighting. Perhaps the most important is his or her ability to incorporate new or refurbished rooms into the electrical system. Room addition electrical work can be quite helpful.

If you need reliable electrical plug repair and other kinds of work, we can help. Mike Mader Electrical Contracting is a reputable company in Darthmouth, NS.


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